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Gary's Graces

Walking with angels ©

Walking with angels

Every single day

All these miracles

As we pass our way

Lets get this right

They are hid from our sight

So near yet so far

Passengers in the car

Or on the Maryhill bus

Mingling unnoticed with us

How do we?

Not see

Not know

Shining stars of the show

Here's the joke

They are ordinary folk

Just doing the every day decency

Not noticed in their humility

We all take turn

Angel's wings to earn

Sometimes it's him the helper

Sometimes it's her the carer

Other times maybe

It could even be me

When we pick up the hurt

Crawling in the dirt

Give the older and colder

The warm shoulder

Then God says "no strings

Time to try

Out your wings

Now fly"

Give us peace ©


Give us peace


Sit under trees

One day

Live for the moment

Away from strife

Love needs no monument

Go-getters get a life

Strive for peace

Pause for thought

On life's short lease

Silence so sought

Bring pearls of light

To the dark city

Do the right

Time for pity

Live for peace

Time for meditation

War to cease

That's the declaration

End of hate

Start to forgive

Lets not wait

Today is a good day to live


Young Firm Match ©

As I was going my way

Heard hurray


There I saw the little squirts

Boys playing football

All in different colour shirts

One in green and white hoops

Another in blue

Both in the same side troops

On the sidelines standing true

Stood the parents

With their parents

Shouting support

Every body there for the sport

Enjoying the fun

In the autumn sun

After listening

The daily depressing

Long long litany

Of misery

Do I know how?

The players and supporters felt


I know what I felt




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