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Childhood ©

Fish is brain food!
How do I know?
Ma wee Granny tel't me so.
"Don't cross your eyes", she'd often say
" or the wind'll change and you'll stay that way!
Your belly button shouldnae be pressed
or your bum faw's aff and makes a mess!
You'll get piles if you sit on they stairs"
and "Eat your crusts for curly hair".
"If you tell lies your nose will grow"
but I found out that isn't so.
"Don't pick dandelions", she said
" they'll only make you pee the bed.
Your eyes fall out if you pick your nose"
and "Get to sleep or Hairy toes
will come and steal your fae yer bed"
I think my Gran was aff her head.


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Subjectivity ©

Every story has three sides,
I learned this as a youth.
There's your side and there's my side
and in between's the truth

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Sammy ©

Awe! Sammy Bin Liner! Now you've wentan' done it.
Dubbya'll get his squibs and tie wan to your bunnet.
If they find your giblets they'll pit them in a pail
They'll drag them tae Americay and spit them in the jail
He'll keep you there forevermair 'n a hundred years an' aw
Pretending tae be Kennedy - in hock tae jeb 'n' paw!
The U/S troops are Massed along the Pakistani border
Well, Sam, You'll maybe see your wish. We'll get a new world order
A new One will Arise fae a' the rubbish and the stoor
Collaterally damaging the innocent and poor.
The rich will Have Their Way the way the rich have always done
While Afghanistani's shiver at the Rising of the Son.
Their Lot? To have the honour of a John-Wayne-Glory death!
Normal de-Cent people are hardly drawing breath.
The audiences watch it….., Live! Their televisions glow
with instant information whose source they'll never know.
A Jury-Rigged adventure fed by Democratic Silence
Add the Bushes' Burning Passion - there's a recipe for violence!
The Lowering of Standards other parties does inspire
if you disregard the casualties put down by friendly-fire.
We Witness Acts, consuming every natural resource
(Which in normal western fashion requires the use of force).
You knew a' this, Bin Liner, as you disciplined your killers
And set them off to Babylon to undermine the pillars.
You wanted to expose the lies. I somehow think you do.
Here lies their lies and there lies truth and truth is you lie too.
We'll never see the evidence but Onward we'll Career
While the cause of world peace goes back another fifty years
Or maybe still your heath 'n' hill will yet provide your succours
Rumsfeld and you will get to the chew the fat again as muckers!
You'll find another of your kind has plans to reunite.
Mark this Well. The fires of hell will have you both some night!
The gods you blame and counter-claim could never reconcile
But humans can, and some day man will live in peace and smile.

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Henry ©

muddlin' henry, honest man!
flushed his career right down the pan
not for taking treasury gold
but because the electorate should've been told
right away, and the facts in full
not left beneath a week of bull
and the place for the business of this nation
is parliament, not the tv station

poor henry shouldn't stand alone
the media feeding on his bones
when everyone who has a mind's
convinced he's not one of kind
as the press for blood attracts the vultures
they'll pick clean the cosy cultures
that separate the facts and spin
to hide the face that gets them in

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i wouldn't give them capitals ©

allan wilson took his pen
attacked the snp, again!
his labour lap dogs wagged their tails
and showed they've culture.........
.........under their nails

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Europe ©

The rain
in Spain
goes mainly
down the drain
but I bet
they get
a rebate
for it

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The Toll Bridge Over The Silvery Kyle.
(apologies to McGonagall) ©

Concrete monstrosity over the Sea to Skye
with your ramparts running 30 metres up in the sky
and your toll booths made of untreated American Oak
It really is enough to make a person boak.
It is a blemish on what is a naturally beautiful Sound
because it does not fit in with the other things around.

Concrete monstrosity over the Sea to Skye
you make anyone who crossed on the ferry want to cry.
The price of crossing you is mighty and crackin'
for the short journey from Kyle of Lochalsh to Kyleakin.
You are a blight on the people and their many guests,
some of whom come from Glasgow and Inverness
and even from as far away as Canada and Brazil
to visit the island, now I'm not sure many of them will.

Concrete monstrosity over the sea to Skye
with your toll charges set so very high
that no matter how many people cross
The Skye bridge company have been guaranteed they will not make a loss.
Even if only one person a year crosses
they will put the price up to millions of pounds to cover their losses.
If a new Government is elected at the polls
I hope they abolish these extremely high tolls.

Concrete monstrosity over the Sea to Skye
the sight of protesters doth seem pleasant to mine eye
because in comparison with other bridges your tolls are certainly unjust
and to stand against them is a must.
Also a message to the Scottish office will have to be sent
to tell them that the road tax fund is sufficient rent
for the people of the island to pay
and they must remove the tolls without delay.

Concrete monstrosity over the Sea to Skye
I cannot help but wonder why
the islanders have to pay the same amount of tolls as us
unless they travel by the local bus.
Surely they must be given preferential treatment
when calculating how to pay for the sand and cement
which were used to erect this foul and monstrous pile
which takes the pleasure out of crossing the Kyle.

Concrete monstrosity over the Sea to Skye
which cost only a fraction of the M25
to continue to oppose you the people will not be lax
because your tolls are a tax
and the level of the tolls is far too high
for such a short journey to and from Skye.
Prosperity to all who against your tolls take a stand
and object to paying so much to cross to or from the mainland.
Praise to John Mellor who has used good sense
and calculated that the level of road tax for Skye should be nineteen pence.

Concrete monstrosity over the Sea to Skye
to claim that the method of funding applied to your construction was fair would be a lie.
I hope the strength of opposition to you does not fall
among the more than two hundred people who have been summonsed to Dingwall.
and help the protesters to convince the court
that the Skye bridge tolls are awful high
to the people of Kyle of Lochalsh and Skye.

Concrete monstrosity over the Sea to Skye
it is easier to use you than the ferry, no one can deny.
But the removal of the ferry to avoid fair competition
is seen by most people as an admission
that the point of this great enormous concrete pile
was not to serve the people and make them smile.
The reasons for the way you were financed are a riddle
and most honest folk think there was a fiddle
to line the pockets of all the parties who were involved
and when the facts are known the riddle will be solved.

Concrete monstrosity over the Sea to Skye
when justice is done we will not cry
to find the truth the determination of SKAT will not fail
and all of you who were dishonest will be sent to jail.
Most of us look forward to that day
and when it happens we will all shout out "Hooray".
We'll all have a big party an the island, and then
we'll tell the government never to let this kind of thing ever happen again.

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Paisley says..... ©

......it's God's Will,
but I thought
He died intestate

Leaving those
Who chose
to be
His Executors?

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fear ©

the fear of orangemen was something I grew up with
but now I can see where their fears came from
it has to be said that they'tre mostly based on ignorannce
and middle class propoganda
no matter how you re-arrange the words
we don't eat babies
and niether, I supspect, do they

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If Our MPs ©

If our MP's would loosen up and try hash for themselves,
They'd maybe take the fags and booze from off the High Street shelves.
They'd realise their "anecdotal" evidence is wrong.
There's nothing to be frightened of in sitting round a "bong".
Their argument that "drugs are drugs" does not hold any water.
And prohibition does not work, (just ask your Son or Daughter).
They have to buy from shady folk who live their lives in shadows.
There is no reason why they shouldn't buy it down at "Haddows".
Lets take it from the province of the gangsters and the thugs
and tell the truth to children. Don't treat them all like mugs.
Hash is fun; it doesn't lead to smack, cocaine, or jellies,
any more than rubber fetish starts with wearing wellies.
Addictive personalities inevitably will
go to almost any length to seek that extra thrill.
address that problem, find the cure, and help them gain salvation,
but don't just punish people who use Hash for recreation.
Hash is here; it will not go- in spite of unjust law.
So prosecute me if you will, I'm off to have a "blaw".

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The lottery of life ©

The chance is there, so take it.
You'll either win or lose
The more you risk, the greater prize.
It's up to you to choose!
Is it worth the bet? Can you stand the loss?
Is there very much to gain?
Will you spend your whole life wondering?
Can you really stand the pain
of never really knowing if
you should have had a go?
Don't spend your life in dreaming of
the things you'll never know.
So when a chance presents itself
don't, later, think you blew it.
If it's something that you want to do
get off your arse and
Do it!


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If I was your hound ©

If I was your hound
every night I'd be found
at your bedside standing on watch.
And when it came morning,
without any warning,
I'd try to nuzzle your crotch.

You could throw me sticks
and teach me tricks
and let me drink from the loo.
Let kids pull and shove me
as long as you loved me.
I'd do anything for you.

You could choose to ignore me,
put others before me,
or even forget to feed me.
You could leave me at home
and go out alone,
as long as I know you need me

When you come home
you could bring me a bone
or something nice and smelly.
As you came in the door
I would lie on the floor
and let you tickle my belly

You could stroke me and pet me
and never forget me
and I'd lick your face to remind you
that wherever you go
you'd always know
I was there behind you.

I have one ambition
my singular mission
is earning your affection.
I want no prize
but the glint in your eyes
when you're looking in my direction.

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The gift ©

I wish I could be
the me you see
When I look through the panes of devotion
Inspiring I to fancy,
Far out
o'er friendship's ocean
the colours
In spirit cleansed
A glass for each occasion
Thirty years of joy
And tears
And mutual admiration
Moulding, each
While friendship's bond cemented
The miles we walked and talked
And mocked
and pledged our love
and meant it
you led then as you lead now
and here the credit's due
at every pass or raise of glass
I raise a glass to you
So, here's to Tam,
most loyal friend
reality patrol
Because of who
You can see right through

The window of my soul


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Trees ©

Willow tree studying the street
beneath your feet
watching the world pass you by.
I thought you smug
watching people go about their business
occasionally tossing your head with laughter in the wind
mocking us for our hurry.
But you're no different from me
studying for a degree
in genealogy
or maybe philosophy
inspecting the pavement below
searching for your roots
as if you extrapolate your own existence
from the cracks in the pavement.
It's said that if you stand in one place long enough
the whole world will pass you by.
I'd rather experience life
than spectate.

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noises ©

noises off in the whirl of words, images, and thoughts absurd,
memories, emotions, stirred, bathed in a sea of wonder
imagination, mixed sensation, dulled at natures instigation
humankinds abomination off in the pale of yonder
ponderance is in the mind and not the only place to find
the keys in faith or feeling blind acceptance of what's given
senses feel what senses tell when sipping at the knowledge well
its hesitance-invoking hell! the counter point of heaven
which ministers of every cloth, and none, whose snouts in common trough
incline to list in righteous wrath misunderlearn'd opinions
to justify the road they go along with others in the know
of what the mob agrees is so and devil take the minions
who don't presume to interfere or otherwise are labelled queer
their choice, oblivion, or fear or righteous indignation
evincing from the bread line queues, their red-tops ruffling in their pews
in honour of the broadcast news, this TV spellbound nation
edit orally control of the micro-media petrie bowl
where soaps and quizzes proffer gold in the name of social learning
in the hands of favoured few and they've been busier than you
deciding what you'll think, and do, and buy, and what you're earning.
build private farms to graze your old and shelter them from wet and cold
their houses and possessions sold to let shareholders profit
dont sell their dreams to mourn the cost, you still have time to be the boss
let them know you give a toss and tell them to get off it
put your faith in what you know from life, and not the TV show
and magazine and radio and media corporation
talk to everyone you can to get to know your fellow man
and see the way the world's been ran, ensure corroboration
realise the world wants and don't air vile and spiteful chants
apply discretion, look for plants, and live the way you teach
bestow our kids the wherewithal to keep one eye on city hall
and, cautious of the pulpits thrall, to live with peace in reach

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