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I. Childhood ©
II. If I was your hound ©
III. Lines in the Park ©
IV. The Sparra’s Appeal ©
V. The Midgie Raker ©
VI. The Virus ©
VII. The Goblin in the Green ©
VIII. Ambition ©
IX. The Twin ©
X. Further Tales of Alex ©
XI. The day I went ©
XII. Back

Toll Bridge over The Silvery Kyle. ©
(apologies to McGonagall)


I. Subjectivity ©
II. The lottery of life ©
III. Trees ©
IV. To my unborn children ©
V.West-Words - Whoa the Wagons ©
VI. Labels ©
VII.i think ©
VIII.Seasons ©
IX. Unfinished Business ©
X. Lewis and Corey ©
XI. Pasture ©
XII. Growing up ©
XIII. Unashamed ©


I. The rhythm method ©
II. The Gift
III. Irene
IV. Friendship
V. Inspiration
VI. Want
VII. Where it's at
VIII. Young love
IX. A surfer's plea
X. Faceless
XII. You
XIII.I stand outside
XIV ...if
XV. Irene and Me
XVI. Maybe
XVII. For Katie with kisses


colin's catalogue ©

unashamed ©

I'm a lyrical dissident who is happy to publish on request (on the web, free of charge and unedited) ,ANY poems or stories which have been performed at Bards in the Park, Poems & Pints, Lyrics in the Lounge, or any other public venue.

Welcome to my re-organised catalogue. To help you browse your way through the poems the category heading are fairly loosely structured. Email me if you want to praise/slag/question/argue or just simply say hello. You can arrange to speak to me or any of the others in real time through our CHAT feature.

new poems and songs

are uploaded after they have been performed at

Bards in the Park or Lyrics in the Lounge

to hear them and get a preview of what might be here next month come along in person.

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Genesis ©
Other ways to skin a cat

Noises ©

paisley says ©
Fear ©




I. Debt ©
Hell, parts 1,2,3 ©
III.We Wept ©
IV. Facts ©
V. Still ©
VI. Then ©
VII. Aftermath ©
VIII. National Poetry Day ©
Linen ©
X. The Veil ©
XI.Goodbye ©
I Know where I’m going ©

I. Good enough ©
Ask me ©
Omega (with a Y Pi Ki A) ©
IV. Whit did he say? ©


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