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I am you ©


Why can't you see how the world is today?

Why can't you see? It won't go away!

Look! People crying, people dying; it's real, not a play.


People are starving so how can this be

in a world of plenty? Yet, still you can't see

there's resource in abundance to feed you and me!


People are killing; "it's a war" they've been told!

"This war is in God's name so be stromg and bold;

activate that bomb tied at your waist, you'll never grow old"!


"Let's have a suicide

let's have some genocide



Let's have some fun

Let's have a suicide

let's have some genocide



It's the rule of the gun".


You were made President of a nation that's great.

you are Prime Minister, and you, Heads of State.

You tell your armies that you are right and it is their fate.


Please stop! Think of peace, not warring ruction;

from the worlds resources make implements of construction;

stop propogating hatred stop producing weapons of mass destruction!


Why can't you see how this world is today?

We're, Male and Female, Humans: We were created this way!

Brothers, Sisters, Look at our world. I'm you, you're me.


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