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Mary's Messages


Candles ©

Candle burning bright
In the still of night
Calm and peace
Of the light
As suddenly daylight comes
Shining through
The window
And once again
Brings the dawn
Of the new day



Love ©


You bring joy to every day and

like a brilliant flame

you brighten up

each day of my life




School Days ©


Must we go to school?

you must go to prepare yourself for life

Why must we go?

You must go to give mother a break

or she will end up a physical wreck.

School is good! My dad said,

it helps you in the morning to get out of bed

you must go to read and write

to make some friends, it will be alright

running around the playground, we had great fun

did some cartwheels,

handstands too

so go to school, dad said

that's what you must do.



Onion in the Pot ©


under the Earth, as you


the miracle of your green stem appeared


lovely and round

as we picked you out of the ground

wet with dew

the only tear we can shed, cleansing our eyes

without sorrow

Up on the table and into the pot

with potatoes, salt and pepper

carrots, too!

time to make some Irish Stew




Mother ©


Mother read us rhymes

your love of unforgotten times

if only we could hear once more

Mother knocking at the door

Our hearts would fill with love once more





Love in One's Heart ©


The candle is shining bright

and if life is empty and dark

light up someone's life

with poetry in the park

it's doing things for others

that gives life a little spark

always have a little love

and kindness in your heart


A Birds Picnic ©

Hamburger on the ground

seagull swoops and looks around

Plenty for me. Glad I came this way.

Some pigeons having salad, chips and noodles

and a strawberry

to finish

glad that scool is back in

lots of food on the ground

a great menu

and all for free!



Pastures Green ©

In pasture green

the fragrance of flowers

the perfume is rare

a gentle breeze

the birds sing

peace is assured

on this day



Talking to a Mouse ©

Wee cowering timorous mouse

nae need tae run away sae hasty

Come Back!!!

I'll gie you a bit o' my pastie

wee mouse, be cosy beneath the stones and rubble

you will be well kept oot o' trouble


A Day in Spring ©

Violets are growing under the hedge

Crocus and Bluebells at the wood edge

Primrose growing by the burn

Children having fun

gathering Buttercups along the way

we all have had a lovely day


My Garden ©

( written by my 8 year old grand daughter, Emma.)


My garden is a pretty place

it puts a big smile on my face

a friendly bumble bee gave me some honey

I ate it all up and it tasted yummy

a beautiful butterfly just floated by

sometimes I wish that I could fly

a snail has a shell that is also her house

she can curl up inside a snug as a mouse



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